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Maximize your personal and professional growth with one-on-one coaching with Kelli Jaecks! Kelli will help you focus, hold you accountable, support your journey, act as a valued sounding board, encourage you to build habits that support your goals, and ensure you accomplish what you set out to do.

This can be yours:

   An ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action.

  A powerful alliance, were I focus my full energy and attention on helping you achieve your goals.

  A non-biased accountability partner helping you achieve the outcomes you are after!

Coaching packages include:

  Make it Happen 
     4 individual sessions with Kelli per month

  Figure it Out 
     3 individual sessions with Kelli per month

  Get Unstuck
     2 individual sessions with Kelli per month

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Kelli holds a Master’s degree from Oregon State University in Communication and Adult Education, where she taught Leadership and Public Speaking. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1996.

The author of the Amazon best seller: Martinis & Menopause — Strategies, Science and Sips that Empower Women to Beat the Hormone Groan, she also writes a popular blog about women’s health. Her information is accessible and easy to understand, while offering useful, practical tips to feel better and live better. Kelli is committed to health and wellness. She lives it, writes about it, speaks about it, and empowers others about it!

(503) 881-5633 [email protected]