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Self Care Group Coaching

Join Self-Care Strategist Kelli Jaecks for a four-week intensive Self Care Group Coaching to share successes and challenges. We'll get specific on your next steps.

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Self Care 1-1 Coaching

One-on-One Coaching with Self Care Strategist Kelli Jaecks for 4 weeks of individual coaching to empower you in maintaining your new goals and self-care practices.

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Self Care SOS

Join Self-Care Strategist Kelli Jaecks for a four-week intensive Self Care SOS specialized training to feel better and live better.  For one-hour each week, you will meet with Kelli - live - and learn how to incorporate a five step system, do-able tips and strategies that will change how you take care of yourself. Your physical self and your mental well-being need your attention, let’s give you what you need.

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Cannabis Training Bundle

Includes all three!  Cannabis 1.0, Cannabis 2.0, and Cannabis & Inflammation. Each course offers a different lens through which we view cannabis and explore the risks and rewards of this relevant plant in our growing weed world. Buy all three and save!

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Cannabis 1.0

This is where it all begins. In order to really grasp the whole story of Cannabis, we must start at the basics. How does cannabis affect us? What is the difference between THC and CBD? Why does it matter?

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Cannabis 2.0

Let’s keep learning! In this course we review the basics we learned in 1.0 and take a deeper dive. Do strains matter? What are the differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana? We also look at cannabis through the lens of adolescent and adult usage. Is cannabis a reverse gateway drug?  The healing properties of this plant may surprise you!

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Cannabis and Inflammation

Inflammation is the foundation of all disease.  Recent research tells us that Cannabis relieves inflammation. This is the good news! In this course, Kelli talks about cannabis and its anti-inflammatory properties.

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